Saturday, April 24, 2010

my favourite TV programme

Everyone have a television at home. Television is important to people because it bring information to us. We have government station television and private station TV is astro and media prima. They prepared so many interesting TV programme.
My favourite station TV is media prima because they have many interesting TV programmes. My favourite TV programme is scary drama such us ‘puaka niyang rapik’ ‘jangan tidur lagi’ and any programme. This programme plays at Friday night.
Otherwise, many favourite TV programme is ‘aku si tanggang’, mayang mengurai’, cinta balqis is about retribution on ungrateful and love. Furthermore, I like to watch all types’ entertainment programmes, including reality TV, comedy, sport, music and their others.
Other than that I like to watch entertainment programmes such as ‘MTV’ and ‘melody’. These programmes inform me about celebrity.
Action movies are one of the TV programmes that I like. The action TV programmes that I like. The action TV programmes I like are Miami and much more. The story drama is investigation.
My conclusion, there’s a lot of weakness and strength about TV programmes .We can see thought the moral value for our daily life.

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